Pre-K students having Fun


Coach Smith has Pre-K students at Ackerman Elementary School having fun while learning about different things.  Students line up on color dots, and when their color is called they make their way across the gym imitating the animal or mode of transportation that is called.  Today they were kangaroos and race cars!

FCE Pre-K students enjoyed reading


Pre-Kindergarten students at French Camp Elementary enjoyed reading Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss. While reading this book, students learned about different types of weather, as well as the importance of apologizing. Their favorite activity was making oobleck, which is a substance that can be both a liquid and a solid.

WLCTC Senior Spotlight


Hunter Gregory attends Winston Academy and is completing his second year in Forestry.  He enjoys attending classes at WLCTC because the teachers are very helpful, and each day is something different.  The skills Hunter has learned in Forestry will be beneficial to him later in life.  Some of his favorite memories are from his adventures while o

LHS Honor Roll


Special Distinction

Angel Alexander

Ryleigh Anderson

Aydrien Bowen

De’Marion Burton

Kinzleigh Crosby

Da’lan Davis

Graycie Davis

Sarahya Davis

Jakevion Grace

Jamarion Green

Aurianna Harris

Malaysia Haynes

Xavier Haynes

Fabian Herrera-Ayala

Two Local 4th Grade Classes take the top spots in National Reading Challenge


The Nanih Waiya and Noxapter fourth grades recently participated in the Epic Reading Challenge one week in November. Thousands of classes all over the United States participated in this challenge.  The top two classes from each grade in the United States received five hundred dollars for their classroom and other prizes.  Mrs.