Y’all, It’s Getting Real

I’m 40, and I can think of two ‘once in a lifetime’ events during my time.  One was Hurricane Katrina.  I was living in Jackson and the power was out for days.  We couldn’t drink the water, and we grilled just about everything we could thaw out from the deep freeze.  I had no clue how bad it really was because cell towers were down.  There was

Fame Church of God

By Pastor C. Michael Haas Jr.

Fame Church of God

Good day everyone. Hope you all had a great week. I guess it’s safe to say don’t panic. God is in control, just use good hygiene practices.

Newspaper and much more

The newspaper has been here, is here and will be here to get the message out about our communities, businesses and more.

At a time when audiences across the country are fragmented, nothing beats a newspaper for reach, affordability, flexibility and impact especially since our newspapers mix our print, email and social media together.

Highways & Hedges

By Sis. Linda Dempsey

Highways & Hedges

Worship Center

Hey parents, my word is for you today. I’m a parent and know the responsibility very well. I’ve said the hardest thing I’ve ever done was being a parent.