How To Buy Ads For Multiple Locations

Emmerich Newspapers is happy to offer advertising between multiple publications within our network.
Information regarding the scale can be located here.

Listed below are some instructional points to consider when requesting a multi-publication ad campaign:

1) We will create the ad for you (unless you prefer to send the completed creative.)
We're happy to accept any and all prep materials, so simply send us the necessary text and artwork.


2) The advertisement can be any dimension you choose.

For print, we charge $10 per column inch per newspaper.
A full page ad is ~100 column inches, so a full page ad comes to $1,000 per paper.
Quarter page is $250 per paper.

You have full control over which newspapers you want the advertisements to run in.
Here is a list our publications.


3) Online advertisement is included for free when you run in print.
Your print ads will automatically appear on our websites, rotating among a random shuffle with our other ads.

You can expect about 150,000 ad impressions per month with a complete network buy. You can purchase up to 1,000,000 additional ad impressions per month at a cost of $15 per thousand impressions.
Alternatively, you can pay per click for $4.00 per click.


4) We can provide a news article on the Belhaven program and publish it onto our statewide website network.
The charge is 50 cents per read.


5) We can share a video as well.
Our cost is $30 per thousand views.
We can post any video format, including raw files, YouTube or Vimeo clips.


5) If you find a better rate, for either print or digital, we will match it. (Good luck with that!)


6) Our media kits are on our websites.
Click the Advertising menu item to view them.


Again, you can access all of our websites using the Emmerich Network state map.


Thank you for your interest!