Summer Recipes: Brock’s Casseroles, Pies & Sweet Tea


Summer is the time of year when everyone’s good food spirit awakens!  And this means there is an interesting awakening of new and exciting foods!!!  I have provided you a superb buttery corn and English pea casserole that is splendid for your lunches or dinners!  This rich buttery Ritz cracker crust on top really “seals the deal” for this perfe

Vaughan’s Vocabulary Choctaw 070319


This summer my theater appreciation class is reading, watching, discussing and writing about “All’s Well that Ends Well” by William Shakespeare. I tell my students that the main enjoyment of a Shakespeare play is “to get it.” When one begins to understand the content, there’s the feeling of accomplishment. This is when learning takes place.

Supper’s on the Table: Easy Recipes for Weeknights!


Summer in Mississippi is so miserably hot!  But super cool recipes make the summers even better!  And perhaps a tall glass of sweet iced tea makes it even much better!  I have some splendid recipes to offer you this week.  My first is an easy chicken salad that I have been preparing for a few weeks now.  It is delicious as a fresh and easy meal