City of Louisville declares a State of Emergency; Noxapater notifies of plans


In a regularly scheduled meeting held on Tuesday, March 17, the Louisville Board of Aldermen officially declared a state of emergency to aid in dealing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Will Hill presented Emergency Declarations put forth by President Donald Trump and Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves.

Hill presented an order authorizing the Mayor to send home or instruct employees to not report for work for non-disciplinary actions. Under the circumstances, regular wages would continue, but would not include overtime for hours not worked. The Board voted unanimously to approve the order.

The order would allow department heads to make some discretionary calls, and employees who might be sent home would not use sick leave and still receive their wages. Hill stated that he had spoken with department heads and that all services must continue, but they must lead by example and not pretend that the crisis does not exist.

The City has cancelled any and all public meetings, zoning, code enforcement meetings, activities, gatherings and meetings where more than 10 people will be present until at least April 7. All City parks, recreational facilities and facilities will be closed until further notice.

Hill assured that all essential services will continue including: Public Safety, E-911, Police, Fire, Utilities, municipal court, administration, solid waste collections, landfill operations, cemetery, animal control, code enforcement, streets, and overall maintenance of public facilities.

In other action, the Board:

• Voted 5-0 authorize promotion of James Mask from Rookie to Patrolman First Class, effective April 23, 2020.

• Voted 5-0 to approve a request for Tonya McWhirter to attend the DARE Officer Training in Montgomery, AL, on May 4-14.

• Voted 5-0 to accept the resignation of LaTonya Glass as Municipal Court Clerk effective March 13.

• Voted 5-0 to authorize GTPDD to prepare and submit an ARC application for the City for East Lagoon Utility Pump Station.

• Voted 5-0 to authorize GTPDD to prepare and submit a CDBH application for the City for East Lagoon Utility Pump Station.

• Voted 5-0 to authorize an RFQ for engineering services for East Lagoon Project.

• Voted 5-0 to authorize advertisement for bids for the MDOT-TAP North Columbus Avenue sidewalk project and acept bids on April 20.

• Vote 5-0 to approve cell-phone pay for Police Officer Brandon Gladney.

Mayor Hill noted after the meeting that the local governing authorities are communicating daily, the City of Louisville, Town of Noxapater, and Winston County residents need to be re-assured the essential services from local government from first response in public safety, solid waste or trash collection, and the landfill continue to operate.  Modifications may be made to business operations at each location.

“Do know everyone is working in a responsible manner.  All local governing authorities strongly encourage everyone adhere to the advice of excellent hygiene, routine hand-washing, social distancing, not gathering in groups of more than 10, and do not get out unless it is absolutely necessary.  We are all in this together and there are presently NO local mandates on businesses as so much of what is open are essential services or a lifeline for someone.  Thank you for doing your part and please pay attention to recommendations of authorities and not succumb to rumors.   We have a very solid method of communication in Winston County between healthcare, public safety officials, local governments as we navigate these times,” said Mayor Hill. He added, “Feel free to use this time if you are able and take advantage of the beautiful days to clean up your piece of the world and the City will continue leaf collection through mid April.”


In effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus; the Noxapater Mayor and Board of Alderman have declared a local emergency and put in place the following protective measures.

The preventive measures are subject to change based on changes to Federal and State guidelines.

Precaution at business and gatherings should include proper hygiene, social distancing, enhanced ventilation and periodic cleaning/sanitizing. It is recommended that any event or gathering where 10 people will be present should be cancelled or postponed.

The Noxapater Water Department will follow the order of the Mississippi Public Service Commission suspending disconnections for the next 60 days, however there will be no wavering of prior fees and residents will be responsible for fees acquired during this suspension. To reduce traffic in and out of the city hall water customers are encouraged to use the drop box located to the left of office or mail payments to Noxapater WaterDepartment, P.O. Box 266, Noxapater, Mississippi 39346. Customers can also contact the office at 724-4476 if they wish to have their bill on bank draft.

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen encourage everyone to stay at home unless it is essential, (work, groceries, medicines, gas, and necessities).