WCCRF visit


Faith Tabernacle of Louisville with chaperones and others toured the Winston/Choctaw Regional Correctional Facility with several children. The tour was to show the children what prison life was like and not a place anyone wants life’s path to lead them.

“Prison is not where anyone wants to be,” said Terrance Watt.

Rotary Program


The Louisville Rotary Club speaker for July 17 was Officer Sean Holdiness, the newly appointed Chief of Police in Louisville. He gave a very interesting program on service. Holdiness spoke on military service, law enforcement service, service in the church and ways each person can use their talents to serve a community and others.

Hamburger 101: Delicious recipes with hamburger


This week for you, my beloved readers, I included my mother’s homemade classic hamburger steak recipe as well as her fried hamburger steak recipe!  In fact, we have prepared these so many times that they get better each time we prepare them, and they get better and better each time!  The secret ingredient is listed in the recipe for her classic